Friday, 15 February 2013

Slacking Already

I am slacking already... but I've been on an adventure! I accompanied Owen to Golden, via the Icefields Parkway (which is quite interesting driving in the winter) so he could meet with a few people about a project he is working on.  Coincidentally, our local newspaper editor found out I am currently unemployed, and asked last weekend if I'd be interested in doing some reporting.  Yesterday, she asked if I'd report on a particular topic, which just happened to be the one that Owen is working on.  Stay tuned for that, because I am going to try to write it, and maybe post it here too.  Or maybe a link?  In the mean time, here is a picture from Golden.

I clearly need to practice, since there is a bunch of things I have been thinking of posting here, but I haven't taken the time to fully form the thoughts yet.  But I will, I promise.

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